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February 20
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   (y/n) clutched the plastic water bottle closer to her chest and heaved a sigh. Just inside those doors were the annual group meeting that was held on Saturdays. As it would happen, it was Valentine’s Day today and (y/n) was about to be braver than she’s ever been before,


She was about to find out who Karkat liked


Herself and many of their other friends had asked and prodded. Sollux had told (y/n) that one time he asked Karkat and he smiled. He didn’t just barely smile, he full out grinned.


But that was the only time he had ever had any reaction to the question besides irritation.


   In all honesty, (y/n) didn’t know why she wanted to know so badly. Maybe it was because she secretly loved the hot headed troll. She had figured out sometime ago that she wasn’t ‘flushed’ for him. With a huge amount of prodding from Gamzee, Tavros and Sollux, she told them. Almost instantly Sollux laughed and said that she wasn’t only flushed for him, she was red for him. (y/n) had denied the fact naturally, but over time she realized he was right.


She did love him


And she hoped it was her he liked


Though she knew it was unlikely. As far as she knew, he still had feelings for Terezi. As much as she hated to admit to it,


It broke her heart.


(y/n) was completely unlike Karkat, in almost every way. She wasn’t that hot headed and she wasn’t rude and she didn’t cause arguments and such. She was nice and mannered, joyous and friendly. Unlike Karkat she preferred romance books over romance movies, though she watched them all the same. She tended to wear light colors, happy colors. While Karkat wore dark brooding colors. Sollux had even once told her that they looked like they came from completely different worlds. John had pitched in and said she was like an angel and Karkat was like a demon, just to specify how different they were. Tavros had nodded and added that (y/n) could even calm Karkat down sometimes which prevented a lot of headaches.


Once again, (y/n) took a deep breath and marched up the small stairs that lead to the meeting room. She pushed open the door and smiled at the room. It never changed, but she was still thankful that she had the opportunity to meet up with everyone even if she saw them every day. She took a few steps forward and stood behind Karkat who had his back turned to her. He looked to have his arms crossed and more than likely, a scowl set on his features. (y/n) reached up on her tiptoes and tapped his right shoulder with her index fingers. Most trolls were taller than humans but Karkat was one of the shortest trolls, so in comparison (y/n) looked like him when Gamzee stood next to him. But Gamzee towered over (y/n) he was insanely tall and liked to pick (y/n) up sometimes laughing and making small inoffensive jokes about her height. The second her small finger tapped his shoulder, he turned around and looked at (y/n), his arms uncrossing and his scowl disappearing a small amount. Now his lips were set in a line.


Oh how she wanted to kiss those lips


(y/n) smiled at Karkat and held out the plastic bottle to him. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day Karkat!” 

she grinned when he took the bottle from her hands inspecting it. “What the fuck is this?” 

(y/n) rocked back and forth on her heels slightly as she began to explain the clear plastic bottle with red liquid inside to him. 

“Well, it’s a love potion” he raised an eyebrow. 

“A love potion?” 

(y/n) nodded and continued her explanation. 

“Well, what happens is you take a drink of it and then whoever is the most attractive or such to you stands out the most. Then when you see that it’s them they become your Valentine!” 

Karkat looked down at the bottle then back at (y/n). He unscrewed the cap of the plastic bottle decorated with a translucent pink bow and had a small tag hanging off of it. He quickly took a sip and put the cap back on. (y/n) watched intently waiting to see who he liked. Said troll turned around and looked throughout the room.


At that moment (y/n) felt her heart drop into her stomach.

Maybe Karkat didn’t like her?


What if she just helped him and someone else get together?


Or back together.


Why didn’t she think this through?


Small tears pricked (y/n)’s eyes as she watched him.


This couldn’t be happening.


Could it?


Why would this happen?


Why was the world so cruel?


None of the less (y/n) placed a smile on her face. It may not have been genuine, but it was a smile right?


In an instant Karkat turned back around, looking at (y/n). He bent down and brought her lips to his gently as if he was afraid of breaking her. (y/n)’s (eye color) eyes widened for a moment then fluttered close. She kissed the troll back, standing up on her toes so she could reach him better. Almost like second nature, Karkat dropped the bottle and wrapped his arms around her, then hoisting her up into the air so their gentle lip lock could be more even and passionate.


Unbeknownst to the both of them, the small plastic bottle rolled over revealing what was written on the small circular red tag.


‘Ingredients: Water, Cherry Kool-Aid, and love.’

You guys.
I squealed.
I squealed when this idea hit me.

Oh heavens, it hit me like a truck.

Like a big truck.


requested by Cat3o4

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