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Honeycombs Sollux x Reader
My gaze snapped to that of my phone. Here I was eating breakfast and I get a message. Who in their right mind sends ME of all people a message at what……..eight o’ clock in the morning?
I rolled my eyes and swiped my finger across the screen, opening the message.
‘hey (y/n) what are y0u doiing?’
I quickly picked up my phone, chewing a mouthful of my breakfast.
‘eating breakfast why?’
Before I could even set my phone down it buzzed again
‘what are y0u eating?’
Once again I replied
‘honeycomb cereal. How do you respond so fast? My phone buzzes before I can even set it down’
I sighed and opened the message
‘was that a bee pun? I sense I bee pun. 0h! and why diidn’t y0u call me and tell me y0u were eating h0neyc0mbs? Y0ou kn0w I l0ove the stuff
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Never Notice. Humanstuck!GHB x Reader
((so this can be considered mildly feelsy. you hath been warned of these triggers mate, proceed with caution @_@ ))

It sucks. I never thought that I would fall for you, but somehow somewhere I slipped and here I am.
I fell.
Now I don’t know what to do. I love you with a love that is far more than that of love, yet here I am.
I haven’t spoken a word
I wish that things would come together, in which I hope they will soon, and that we can all be happy and together.
Because I love you
and I’m not afraid to admit it
I love you
And it’s killing me
Sometimes I sit and wonder if you ever think of me as much as I think of you. Your lips, your eyes, it’s like nothing in the world can compare. There are others out there that would beg to differ but to me you are perfection, you’re perfect in every way.
Even if you get jealous sometimes or you tend to have little bursts of anger here and there, I still love you. Sure you’
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Bubbles Gamzee x Reader
“Gamzee what?”
I was currently with my morial Gamzee, the two of us sitting in Gamzee’s backyard. I was sitting on a rather peculiar fallen log, my elbows on my knees. Gamzee on the other hand….
He was chasing bubbles.
For some odd reason he loved them. In fact, he adored the clear floating spheres so much that eridan had bought him a bubble machine for (Christmas/perigees eve) last year.
Now, every time he felt like looking at bubbles (which was all of the time) he would call me over and be like:
“Oh hey (y/n)sis wanna come over and look at the miracle bubbles”
“Gamzee what-”
No was never an option for him.
On top of it he would not start up the bubble machine or blow bubbles unless I was there. Like, once he invited Tavros and stuff for some odd reason. A
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That Girl, Humanstuck!GHB X Reader
He hated this. This feeling that he had had in his chest since he first saw her all of those many years ago. Its not like he choose to feel this way, he had tried everything under the sun to get the feeling to go away. Not that it ever was, love was next to impossible to get rid of.
That’s right. Love.
The big “L” word. The word many people dreamed of, and others despised. He knew that he couldn’t help the feeling but he’d be dammed if he didn’t hate it. There wasn’t another person on the face of the planet that could measure up to that one particular person. He hated it yet loved it at the same time. It was like drugs, you know it’s bad but you crave it so much.
She was like drugs.
Hell she was his drug.
He wanted to run up to her and kiss her, make sure that she was his and would never be anyone else’s. He wanted to marry the girl. Though there was one little problem with his plan.
He wasn’
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Stop, Drop, and Roll. Karkat x Reader
   Karkat let out a string of curses as he threw various spices and seasonings on the turkey. He didn’t even know why he was doing this, probably because he wanted to please (y/n). She had been cooking and preparing all day that morning for the thanksgiving dinner later on. So, in a desperate attempt to contribute and take a load off of (y/n)’s shoulders, he decided to prepare and bake the thanksgiving turkey with Gamzee since he didn’t have anything else to do this day. Literally. At four o clock that morning Karkat and his matesprit (y/n) had been awoken from loud knocking. After walking down the stairs and trying not to fall, Karkat walked to the front door and threw it open revealing a sopor induced Gamzee. He waved and with a few transpire of “fucks” and “bros” he had come in and eventually crashed on the couch, Karkat having went back upstairs with (y/n) none of the less here they were, Gamzee smiling with his usual stoned face
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Perfect. Humanstuck!GHB X Reader
(y/n) wasn’t your typical modern day female. She didn’t have smooth flawless skin, and she didn’t have a perfect hourglass body. She didn’t have whimsical story book worthy hair, and she didn’t have any and all designer clothes. She was just a girl in a world of “perfectionists”. He never knew how she did it, how she continued walking and being comfortable in her own skin when the entire world was pounding this perfect image into her brain. Her (eye shaped) eyes were (eye color)
Nothing rare, nothing strange.
Her (body type) body was usually clothed in (most occurring clothing in your/your oc’s closet), (shoe type) usually adorning her (shoe size) feet. Every now and then her nails were painted, though sometimes they weren’t. Other times they were chipped. She had a few talents and hobbies, she wasn’t good at everything like people were expected to be. Sure she really loved (hobby/interest/talent) but she wasn
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Heart Problems Karkat x Reader
Karkat Vantas cursed and rolled over in his bed picking up his phone which had been ringing for what seemed like twenty minutes. He didn’t look at it, his face in his pillow, he only slid the call acceptance open putting the cold metal to his ear.
“What the fuck do you want it’s like three in the fucking morning.”
Once he heard that voice, everything stopped for him then rocketed back into motion. He shot up in his bed his eyes wide.
On the other end he heard a quiet ‘mhmm’ making him curious as to why his flushcrush was calling him at…….he leaned over to check the time on his clock…..three in the morning.
“What’s up why the hell did you call me so fucking early.”
He heard what sounded like moving. Perhaps she was changing positions in how she was sitting or laying?
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Raid. The Signless/The Sufferer X Reader ( Part 3)
My steady pace slowed to a halt as I wandered the markets. I wasn’t supposed to be here, I wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near this part of the city.
I was in highblood territory.
In simple terms, the capital was split between the highbloods and lowbloods quite obviously though the appearance of the city elaborated on that fact. In the lowblood part of the city, which would be the outer ring, the roads were dirt the buildings similar to that of lean-to’s and the only bits of light glowed from hanging lanterns. Even the lanterns were shambled. They were steel plates or bowls chains wrapped around the bases and tied at the top to their leaning posts. The flames would shine brightly in the night, though the outer dwelling was nothing to the inner ring. The inner ring was marvelous with white brick roads and building emitting gorgeous lights that made your eyes sparkle. The buildings were well built and had wonderful designs on them that would glow in the ni
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Cinderella Kurloz X Reader
“Don’t you think so kurlz?”
“Ha-ha, me too, but I think I look better in (color you look even more fabulous then you already do in) or something I always look better in (darker/lighter) colors.”
I was currently shopping with my morial Kurloz, summer was ending unfortunately, the weather making me put away my (color) and (other color) (design) (bikini/one piece/monokini), though shorts were still able to slide. We were school shopping, something the two of us liked to do. The weird thing about it though was Kurloz only ever went school shopping with me.
Only me.
One time, Cronus asked him if he would like to go with him school shopping.
Only for Kurloz to poker face at him and flip him off as he backed away.
It was quite hilarious, though I felt bad for Cronus, who just stomped away mad.
Anyway, here we were, I was trying on the heap of clothes we had thrown into the cart, while Kurloz judged them on me based on honks and his usual sign
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Treats~ Cheesecake The Psiioniic/Helmsman x Reader
Almeis Captor stepped out onto his porch, humming a soft tune as he turned around and locked his door, placing his ring of keys, decorated with a small bee keychain, in his pocket. He stretched a bit and glanced down to pick up the morning paper.
Except it wasn’t there.
In place of the small rolled up off-white daily paper, was a small box. The box itself was small and had an asymmetrical design of black and yellow, and a small red and blue bi colored tag, a nice calligraphic scripture written on it. Psiioniic bent down and retrieved the small box off of his porch. He eyed it cautiously turning it over in his hands a few times before opening the top of it delicately, bending the flaps back slightly to keep them out of the way as he peered inside.
Inside the small obligatory box was a tiny little cheesecake.
The eldest captor raised a brow and reached into the box retrieving the cheesecake from inside. It was tiny, the tiny cake about
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Jokers on the Scene Eridan X Reader
Eridan scowled as he sat on his morials couch debating as to what he would wear to Gamzee’s Halloween Party this year. Last year he went as Beetlejuice and the year before then he went as Jack Skellington from The Nightmare before Christmas.
As you can see he had a thing for pinstripes.
This year he hadn’t the slightest clue as to what he was going to wear. The party was tonight, and he had already come to the conclusion that he wasn’t going to go. Currently he was waiting for (y/n) to get back from the grocery store, a large bowl of cheese puffs in his hand. He popped a ball of the orange cheesy deliciousness into his saliva infested, predatory deadly sharp teeth bordered mouth. Munching on the cheesy goodness, he stared at the television, watching the most recent episode of Project Runway.
“Oh come ON Rain, you so know that polka dots wwere last year. No one wwears polka dots anymore.”
He p
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Lay Me to Rest Cronus X Reader
The sky twinkled as small drizzles of rain spattered onto the concrete, snow, and asphalt. The small street lights flickering. The stars in the sky as well as the full moon made the whole area seemingly glow there really being no need for the lights that barely lit the area around them. All was quiet, all was still. The only thing moving was a lone figure dressed in a long trench coat, a black umbrella over the figures head. It appeared to be a woman. She had a scarf wrapped around her neck and tucked into her long warm jacket, her breath appearing in front of her as she breathed. One hand held the umbrella over her head, and the other was burrowed in the warmth of her coat pocket. Most people were at home, nestled in their blankets and drinking cocoa on this cold winter ni
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Never Really Ever Had The Chance Signless x Reader
The guards pulled me back picking me up off of the ground a bit as I ran towards my morial Signless.
Honestly I felt red for the candy colored mutant troll.
They pulled me back as hot (blood color) beaded tears rolled down my dirty face and splattered onto the blood spattered ground. I watched as they beat him, cut him, shot him, seemingly anything they could think of at the moment, they did to him. He only gritted his sharp teeth as his bright beautiful red blood streamed down from his wounds and became one with the hard ground below us. I called out his name, kicked, screamed, punched, scratched, bit, anything I could do to try and get away
To help him
Though it was all for naught. They pulled me back every time cursing and yelling things at me, not that I was list
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A Bushel of Love Eridan x Reader
“Dear Y/n,
        First, I want to start off this letter saying that I love you and I have for a while- SHIT”
Eridan threw down his purple inked hawk feathered pen, his ringed hands rubbing his face, after taking off his onyx rimmed glasses. Though he would never admit it, he was in love….with y/n. he knew better, his heart had been broken multiple times, and besides, she was a human. Time and time again he tried to push himself away, tried to stay away.
But he couldn’t.
Y/n was truly magical in his royal purple colored eyes. The way her (hair length) (hair color) fell (above/below) her shoulders, and always seemed to shine brighter than the sun itself on a hot summer day. Her frame was perfect and fit his perfectly, though the height difference was a bit great, she still fit perfectly the few times he had interacted with her in close quarters. She seemed to make anything and everything look perfect
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Kismesis gone Matesprit Kankri X Reader
“Nice comeback chie-”
I turned on my heel and swung the front door open, then slammed it closed as hard as I could muster at the moment. I was enraged. The door slamming echoed in my ringing ears, the red on the edges of my vision pulsating. Most people would agree I was a reasonable person and easy to get along with.
Unless your name is Kankri Vantas
Then I hated your face
I even hated the mention of his name.
All someone had to say was Kankri or Vantas or even Kranki Rantas.
And I snapped
I don’t know why I hated him so much
I mean he was my kismesis and all
But oh my Gog I’ve never hated a being as much as I hated Kankri V
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Treats~ Twizzlers. The Signless x Reader
Kassim Vantas. Also widely known as The Signless and or The Sufferer, shut his front door behind him a spring in his step. Why was the mutant blooded troll so happy?
The name brought a smile to his face.
After the disciple and himself separated, he met (y/n) the story on how they met was quite amusing considering the circumstances they met under. None of the less, the happy troll locked his door behind him. He turned and was met with an object in front of his foot. Curiously, he looked down confusion calligraphed on his features. He reached down and picked up the cute little box. It was black with red stripes on it, resembling his leggings. On the side was a grey tag, the color close to that of his famed cloak and it was decorated with red lace around the borders.
Chuckling he picked up the tag and flipped it over reading the name.
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